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Off Season in Coorg

Coorg is perfect toured during the off-season. The coorg off-season is from june to august. The season is considered off-season because of heavy rainfall and its very difficult to go outside and do any activity. But there are some advantages like discounted prices, customized service from the hotel, incredible climate and no crowd. Here in Coorg during the off season the weather is very cold and its greenery everywhere, so its nice to walk down the road and enjoy the drizzle.

In Coorg, you can delight in a nice and clean monsoon break with rich green plantations and refreshing mountain dews. Also it is probably the best periods to encounter the vastness of the magnificent waterfalls in and around Coorg. Though some of the roads are nastly and damp during off season, still you may enjoy the scenic routes decorated with beautiful green trees.

Another best thing about off season is less crowd. You can go see any attraction without the huge long queue. Also with less crowd you can enjoy the nature without spoiling your privacy. It is the reason honeymoon couples prefer coorg in off season.

Overall, during the off season the sightseeing places will be pleasant and lonely; the shops will likely be open although not hurried; even the dining places won’t be dense with the tourist people and it won’t be wet everyday, either. It’s the ideal blend to enjoy a peaceful and calm holiday.